The complexity of life is only as complex as your mind.

Aspiring psychologist and writer of sorts.

Adventure is in my veins and the couch is my domain.

This blog is a reflection of my mind,

laid out in a variety of funnies, art, and seemingly

meaningless poems.

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I keep telling myself that there are other boys
that for every female in this city, there are three males.
But god knows I might even learn to love a girl.
At night, when my hands begin to ache and my eyes
are veined and stinging, when I slip my phone
beneath the pillow and there’s only darkness,
I postpone sleep with thoughts of people whom I could
possibly love and who could quite possibly,
love me in return.

They are all strangers. Just figments. Faces.
It always starts with the line of their jaw and from there,
the possibilities are endless.
Sometimes it’s their smile that brightens their face
other times, they don’t even seem to know how to
or maybe they’ve forgotten, and the idea
of becoming the reason for them to be happy is what
I live for. Sometimes they have skin like nightsky
and I imagine nuzzling into them to ward away the cold.
Other times, they’ve got papery skin that gets reduced
to pulp so easily with a single drop of tear.

And so, I write
before it’s too late.

But after the story’s been written, they all end the same way,
with you. You breaking my heart. You telling me
you love me. You asking me to stay. You, you,


MJLand i honestly don’t know what comes after the tragedy (request)

This was so perfect

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A Story A Day #257 by Ming D. Liu 
I think the second line is one of my favourties. If I ever get a tattoo, this might be it.
Tumblr Themes lighthouse


take my hand
on stony shores
i’ll guide you
through the humid air
falling dark skies
and daunting clouds

along our path
i’ll fight the storm clouds
and the sun
will bathe us
in promise

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Cheshire Cat by Joe Wierenga

shit now THAT is a cool interpretation


imagine if you were high
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Sometimes the light isn’t
always warming and instead
of the darkness holding demons,
it only hides them so you
cant see them and

its better to be afraid of
what you cant see than what
you can because only
some friends show their

faces when the suns up.

Everything else, demons and
monsters alike, are too afraid
to be seen as what they
truly are and if you
dont think thats sad
then you dont know what
it feels like to be an outcast.

Be careful who you trust your
words with because those
friends who rise and fall with
the patterns of the sun have
never seen the 12 hours of
madness that comes with
being you.

Even the most sacred of
angels fall, after all.

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we were
and then we weren’t
sometimes people fall asleep in love
and wake up empty
sometimes people fall asleep
and don’t wake up at all
and it hurts
until it doesn’t
and you don’t always feel it at first
but when you feel it
oh god do you feel it
and sometimes we bleed ourselves
dry before we can feel okay again
and sometimes the scars don’t fade
like the doctor said they would
and i know sometimes I come home
with my knees torn apart and
lips that taste like cherries and blood
and one day I’ll be spitting up your
name and I won’t be able to taste
anything but you
and you
and you
and I can’t stop my heart from falling
out of it’s chest
and I can’t fall asleep knowing that I
might wake up and not be yours
because tonight we are
but who knows if you’ll still love me in the morning
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Girl, Interrupted (1999)
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Tumblr Themes The Calm Before The Storm

Once before, when I was
thinking of you and how
we could have turned out

I thought of the way you
wrote about the rivers and
how instead of gaping at me
you looked me straight in
the eyes and when we

talked there was never a
dull moment because you
knew how much I loved
the simplicity of complexity.

And boy, were we complex.

Instead of reaching for the
stars, you believed in reaching
into hearts and pulling strings
like we were puppets, and to you,
we were and how we adored you.

Most of all I loved the way
you loved and how so very
fearless you were and even when
I broke your heart, you forgave me,
because you know my main flaw is
I only really hurt the
people I love.

I hope every time the water ripples
from a breeze, you think of me,
and how you once told me

I was the wind,
forever in a hurry to
go absolutely nowhere
and the only
calm I have about me
is right before
the storm.
I am a destroyer
and a calming factor
and the fact that
I can break hearts
and still be loved
is a chilling one

Perhaps one day
I will tire of rippling
the waters and
spreading fires,

but the rivers cant
run without the
wind chasing.

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Artist: The Cinematic Orchestra


to build a home || the cinematic orchestra

and I built a home
for you, for me
until it disappeared
from me, from you

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Artist: Sia


Ouch I have lost myself again
Lost myself and I am nowhere to be found,
Yeah I think that I might break

breathe me / sia

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Artist: Bastille

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So I’m always fucking reminded

Tumblr Themes Ok gage i want my letter im getting very antsy and u needa get to steppin
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